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40 years' experience

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Antique & Modern Wooden Furniture RepairS & Restoration in Dallas/Ft. worth & surrounding areas

Blue Smith, owner of Artistic Touch, has been doing furniture refinishing, restoration, and repair in the Dallas and Ft. Worth area for over 40 years, having grown up in the business.  Our master craftsmen have extensive experience in restoring furniture of many different types – antiques, glass, marble, wood, modern, indoor, outdoor, veneered and specialty woods.  Along with restoring and refinishing antiques, we have full upholstery capability.  Anyone can buy a franchise and open up a furniture refinishing and restoration shop, but it takes years of experience to understand the different finishes, as well as how weather, temperatures, humidity, and other factors will affect the final look and quality of your furniture after it is refinished.

We are also experts in water damage, fire, soot, hail, and other disasters for furniture repairs and restoration in Dallas and Ft. Worth and surrounding areas.  We work with all insurance companies, and are preferred vendors with over 90%.  Let your disaster recovery company clean up and pack up, but call us for an expert estimate.  What they likely will not know, is long-term effects of just a short time of water exposure to wood furniture.  It may look fine to the untrained eye, but days to weeks from the event, the effects of water “wicking” into the wood will become apparent, and unhappy customers result.  In most cases, Artistic Touch can restore and repair damaged furniture for a fraction of the cost of replacement.  Let’s face it, furniture is rarely made as well as it used to be.  Besides, there is no replacement for precious family heirlooms! Let us help keep everyone happy!


  • Antique furniture refinishing, restoration, repair
  • Modern furniture refinishing, restoration, repair
  • Outdoor furniture refinishing, restoration, repair
  • Glass, marble, refinishing, restoration, repair
  • Upholstery
  • Dining tables, chairs, china cabinets, buffets
  • Coffee tables, end tables
  • Painted furniture refinishing
  • Side chairs
  • Custom pieces, beautifully refinished, restored, or repaired.
  • Expert insurance claim estimates for repair or restoration from damage done by water, fire, smoke, or other disaster.
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  • Water & fire damage estimates & restoration in Dallas/Ft. Worth & surrounding areas
  • Antique and modern furniture repair and restoration in Dallas/Ft. Worth & surrounding areas.
  • Wooden furniture repairs in Dallas/Ft. Worth & surrounding areas - outdoor, dining, office and more!